Assignment: You will be given 3 different types of non-profit organizations and the service they provide. You will use the information given to brainstorm different ways in which their logo can capture what the company stands for, and what they offer. You must create a name and a logo for each company.

Arts agency - This organization is a venue to support the efforts of the burgeoning scene revolving around art and technology. It maintains sustainability through its series of calls for entries, including juried competitions and open exhibits where every artist submitting is exhibited without any curation.
Domestic violence - Working with grassroots organizations and activists, this organization seeks to protect and promote the human rights of women and girls all over the world by documenting violence and discrimination against women and mobilizing efforts to stop these abuses.
Environmental - This global organization seeks to save wild animals and wild spaces. Its Marine Conservation Program creates and provides crucial scientific information related to the maintenance, conservation, and recovery of marine wildlife populations, and the habitats that support them. These efforts are undertaken by field scientists working in over twenty countries.
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